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Open Source Projects by Manifest Interactive

Open Source Projects

In addition to the work we do for our clients, we also provide our services to many FOSS projects. If your team wants to get an insight into our capabilities, these projects are 100% Open Source and available for review. Here are just a few of our more popular contributions.

Screenshot of Civil Services Home Page

Civil Services

Civil Service USA Corp is a nonpartisan, independent and Non-Profit Organization with the goal to help United States Citizens to be a part of what is happening in their Local, State & Federal Governments.

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Screenshot of Police Scorecard Home Page

Police Scorecard

This is the first nationwide evaluation of policing in the United States. It was built using data from state and federal databases, public records requests to local police departments, and media reports. While police data is never perfect, and there are additional indicators that still need to be tracked, the Police Scorecard is designed to provide insight into many important issues in policing.

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Screenshot of TelePrompter Home Page


Browser-based teleprompter featuring text editing in browser, changes saved automatically, handy keyboard shortcuts, advanced controls & remote control support.

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Screenshot of Weather Bar Home Page

Weather Bar

Weather Bar is a Weather Application that lives in your Menu Bar giving you beautiful access to real-time weather conditions and a generous 15-day forecast.

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